At Ridgeline Academy, our faculty and staff play an integral role in carrying out the teaching of our mission, vision, and values. Our teachers, administration, and staff help students grow in knowledge, wisdom, and respect for community, every day, encouraging them to explore, enhance, and use their abilities and talents in the world around them.  We highly value the experience, expertise, and character of those who choose to join our team at Ridgeline Academy.



Keven Barker
Keven BarkerDirector of Schools
Julie Downing
Julie DowningPrincipal
Polsia Faris
Polsia FarisRegistrar
Bonnie Perry
Bonnie PerryIntervention Specialist
Lorrie Maddux
Lorrie MadduxInstructional Coach
Jenel McRoberts
Jenel McRobertsOffice Manager, K-6
Shannon McCarthy
Shannon McCarthyBusiness Manager
Nicole Goman
Nicole GomanHealth Aide
Debbie McGraw
Debbie McGrawHealth Aide
Denise Yancey
Denise YanceyStudent Services
Mark Vite
Mark ViteStudent Services
Jen Revel
Jen RevelLibrary
Estella Soto
Estella SotoCustodian
Kim White
Kim WhiteSocial Support



Breanna Binns
Breanna BinnsKindergarten
Jennifer Calderone
Jennifer CalderoneKindergarten
Alanna LaBella
Alanna LaBellaKindergarten
Chelsea Maynard
Chelsea MaynardKindergarten
Alex Norris
Alex NorrisKindergarten
Ashley Anderson
Ashley Anderson1st Grade
Kristy Graminske
Kristy Graminske1st Grade
Courtney Helman
Courtney Helman1st Grade
Sarah Shilling
Sarah Shilling1st Grade
Brooke Toussaint
Brooke Toussaint1st Grade
Monica Beougher
Monica Beougher2nd Grade
Rylee Mecham
Rylee Mecham2nd Grade
Janie Helfinstine
Janie Helfinstine2nd Grade
Lauren McDaniels
Lauren McDaniels2nd Grade
Andrew McKinney
Andrew McKinney2nd Grade
Daniela Behm
Daniela Behm3rd Grade
Kyle Bolish
Kyle Bolish3rd Grade
Brittany Brown
Brittany Brown3rd Grade
Kristen Maroney
Kristen Maroney3rd Grade
Nikki Marshall
Nikki Marshall3rd Grade
Jennifer Inderberg
Jennifer Inderberg4th Grade
Laura O'Meara
Laura O'Meara4th Grade
Renee Westmoreland
Renee Westmoreland4th Grade
Diane White
Diane White4th Grade
Amanda Brooks-Taylor
Amanda Brooks-Taylor5th Grade - Social Studies
Leah Hjelmstad
Leah Hjelmstad5th Grade - Language Arts
Adrian Sanguyo
Adrian Sanguyo5th Grade - Science
Alectes Sanguyo
Alectes Sanguyo5th Grade - Math
Ossana Georgio
Ossana Georgio6th Grade - Science
Mary Lykins
Mary Lykins6th Grade - Social Studies
Abby Pikul
Abby Pikul6th Grade - Math
Joel Whitcomb
Joel Whitcomb6th Grade - Language Arts
Raymon Alvarez
Raymon AlvarezSpecials - Art
Melissa Davis
Melissa DavisSpecials - Music
Kevin Greenwald
Kevin GreenwaldSpecials - P.E.
Adriana Cuevas
Adriana CuevasSpecials - Spanish
Bonita Cruz
Bonita CruzEducation Partner
Marcello Santelli-Ezugwu
Marcello Santelli-EzugwuAthletic Director / Education Partner
Taylor Heaney
Taylor HeaneyEducation Partner
Mia Kruk
Mia KrukEducation Partner
Jaiden McRoberts
Jaiden McRobertsEducation Partner
Kennedy O'Daniel
Kennedy O'DanielEducation Partner
Greggory O'Hannessian
Greggory O'HannessianEducation Partner
Christopher Power
Christopher PowerEducation Partner
Debra Sauer
Debra SauerEducation Partner
Erika Soto
Erika SotoEducation Partner
Shanon Torres
Shanon TorresEducation Partner
Julie Zaremba
Julie ZarembaEducation Partner
Robin Zygmont
Robin ZygmontEducation Partner

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