At Ridgeline Academy, our faculty and staff play an integral role in carrying out the teaching of our mission, vision, and values. Our teachers, administration, and staff help students grow in knowledge, wisdom, and respect for community, every day, encouraging them to explore, enhance, and use their abilities and talents in the world around them.  We highly value the experience, expertise, and character of those who choose to join our team at Ridgeline Academy.


7th – 12th GRADE

Keven Barker
Keven BarkerDirector of Schools
Tawnya Mecham
Tawnya MechamPrincipal
Debbie Ayer
Debbie AyerOffice Manager, 7-12
Polsia Faris
Polsia FarisRegistrar


7th – 12th GRADE

Jerald Ahn
Jerald Ahn7th & 8th Grade - Science
Rosalee Barker
Rosalee BarkerAmerican Sign Language
Todd Beougher
Todd BeougherPhysical Education
Laura Bostick
Laura Bostick9th-12th Grade - English & Literature
Kelley Camasto
Kelley CamastoHS Psychology & Child Development
Tre Clymer
Tre ClymerMS History
Livia Gho
Livia Gho7th & 8th Grade - Music, Band & Choir
Ivan Guerrero
Ivan GuerreroHS Spanish, MS PE
James Hadley
James Hadley9th-12th Grade - Science
Aimee Hand
Aimee Hand7th - 12th Grade - Technology
Kristin Harrison
Kristin HarrisonMS ELA/Writing
Daniel Junker
Daniel JunkerJapanese & Business
Rachel Junker
Rachel JunkerMS/HS Education Partner
Ashley Kelley
Ashley Kelley7th - 12th Grade - Art & Photography
Daniel Miess
Daniel MiessMS/HS Writing
Megan Murray
Megan MurrayMS Art, HS Yearbook
Holly Neal
Holly NealCulinary
Robin Nickolite
Robin Nickolite7th & 8th Grade - Math
Melodee Olson
Melodee Olson7th Grade Etymology, 9th Grade Science
Melanie Pennell
Melanie Pennell8th Grade, 11th-12th Grade - History
Jennifer Preston
Jennifer Preston7th Grade, 10th Grade - History
Daniel Quinones
Daniel Quinones9th-12th Grade - Math
Zabrina Robinson
Zabrina RobinsonHS Science
Nancy Ryback
Nancy Ryback7th & 8th Grade - ELA
Jordan Segin
Jordan SeginMS/HS Education Partner
Greg Toth
Greg TothMS/HS Math
John Vasey
John Vasey7th & 8th Grade - Entrepreneurship

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