At Ridgeline Academy, our faculty and staff play an integral role in carrying out the teaching of our mission, vision, and values. Our teachers, administration, and staff help students grow in knowledge, wisdom, and respect for community, every day, encouraging them to explore, enhance, and use their abilities and talents in the world around them.  We highly value the experience, expertise, and character of those who choose to join our team at Ridgeline Academy.


7th – 12th GRADE

Keven Barker
Keven BarkerDirector of Schools
Debbie Ayer
Debbie AyerOffice Manager, 7-12
Celestine Becky
Celestine BeckyMS/HS Registrar
Kyle Bristow
Kyle Bristow7-12 Front Office


7th – 12th GRADE

Todd Beougher
Todd BeougherMS Physical Education
Melodee Olson
Melodee OlsonELA
Melanie Pennell
Melanie PennellHS History
John Vasey
John VaseyMS Entrepreneurship
Jerald Ahn
Jerald AhnMS Science
Robin Nickolite
Robin NickoliteMS Math
James Hadley
James HadleyHS Science
Tawnie Weaver
Tawnie WeaverMS ELA
Aimee Hand
Aimee HandMS/HS Technology
Ashley Kelley
Ashley Kelley7th - 12th Grade - Art & Photography
Jill Henry
Jill HenryASL/Health Occupatio/Psychology
Tre Clymer
Tre ClymerMS History
Zabrina Robinson
Zabrina RobinsonHS Science
Kelley Camasto
Kelley CamastoHS Culinary
Noah Eversole
Noah EversoleMS History
Monica Beougher
Monica BeougherMS Math
Jay Becirevic
Jay BecirevicHS Business
Csaba Jevtic-Somlai
Csaba Jevtic-SomlaiMS/HS Music
Elizabeta Jevtic-Somlai
Elizabeta Jevtic-SomlaiHistory
James West
James WestHS Physical Education
Nichole Depaola
Nichole DepaolaMS ELA
Edgardo Lopez
Edgardo LopezHS Spanish
Kyra Kalageorgi
Kyra KalageorgiMS Art
Titus Converse
Titus ConverseMS Ent/Writing
Madison Finneke
Madison FinnekeHS Science
Jona Cruz
Jona CruzMS Writing
Thaddeus Edwards
Thaddeus EdwardsMS ELA/Writing
Brian Gray
Brian GrayHS/MS Math
Greggory O'Hannessian
Greggory O'HannessianEducation Partner
Taylor Heaney
Taylor HeaneyEducation Partner
Marcello Santelli-Ezugwu
Marcello Santelli-EzugwuAthletic Director/Education Partner

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