A Lifetime of Learning Starts Here.

Welcome to Ridgeline Academy Kindergarten! Ridgeline provides tuition-free, full-day Kindergarten focused on the building blocks of our Core Knowledge curriculum, and our Mission, and Vision. Plus, our littlest Eagles learn the Ridgeline Values foundation of:

  • Pride: I show dignity, honor, and integrity in my work and actions.
  • Respect: I respect myself and others.
  • Responsibility: I make good choices to do the right thing.
  • Community: I am an important part of my community and the world I live in.
  • Perseverance: I never give up.


Get to know Ridgeline Academy

Campus tours are available by appointment. Contact us to arrange a time to see what Ridgeline Academy has to offer.


Students must be 5 years of age by August 31 to be admitted into Kindergarten and 6 years of age by August 31 to be admitted into First Grade.


Students that will reach the required age for Kindergarten by December 31 may be admitted if deemed academically ready by school administration, in consultation with the parent/ guardian and teachers if there are available Kindergarten placements. Consultation among the parent/guardian, teachers, and school administration for non-standard admissions to Kindergarten shall consist of the following procedures: (1) the student shall reach the age of 5 by December 31 of that academic year; (2) the student will have a sibling enrolled in the school or a sibling will be enrolled concurrently for the school year in question; and (3) the student will be given a Readiness Screening including attending kindergarten boot camp at Ridgeline prior to admittance. The results will be given to the parent/guardian.

Early Entry students who successfully attend Kindergarten Boot Camp will be invited to attend Kindergarten Jump Start, where the student will attend Ridgeline Academy for two days prior to the start of school and enrollment. During this time the teacher will assess the student’s ability to keep up with the class. Before the start of school, a conference will be held for all early enrollment candidates after Jump Start to review academic and social skills and determine enrollment.

Notwithstanding any of the above, the school will comply with all enrollment requirements for charter schools that are sponsored by the Arizona State Board for Charter Schools (ASBCS).


  • Teach your child to say, recognize, and write their own name.

  • Make sure your child recognizes some letters and can say some letter sounds.

  • Eliminate naps for at least one month prior to school starting, and make sure they got to bed early starting 2 weeks prior.

  • Your child should easily separate from you – sometimes this takes time and we understand!

  • Teach your child to show respect to others’ feelings, ideas, and property.

  • Have your child ready to use the restroom independently!

  • Practice taking turns playing games, and waiting until the end of a page to ask questions or comment on a book you’re reading.

  • Bring your child for a visit to our school so they can get familiar with Ridgeline!

  • Practice sitting for at least 10 minutes to work on a task, or listen to a story.

  • Get your child excited for Kindergarten! A lifetime of learning starts here!

To Know & Grow Each Child, Every Day!

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