Your Pathway To Success

Ridgeline Academy has a unique approach to ensuring our students are successful in school and prepared for success after school. The Pathway Program is designed to introduce students in high school to multiple career opportunities. Students are allowed to explore their interests by taking courses at school and participating in internships with our community partners to find their passion. According to the US Department of Labor the average person will change careers 3 to 7 times in their lifetime. Our goal at Ridgeline is to help students discover their life passion early and prepare them to enter college or the workforce ready to pursue their dreams.

Students are guided through a process of exploration through many different career pathway options. Students are encouraged to take courses in their pathways of interest.  During their junior and senior year students will be matched with an internship that will allow them the opportunity to truly experience working in their chosen career field. These experiences will help students determine if this career path is a good fit for them or if they want to explore another opportunity.


Ridgeline: Knowing & Growing Each Child, Every Day!

OUR MISSION: Ridgeline Academy exists to foster critical thinking among students, promote academic excellence, and instill a culture of life-long learning.